Fuck You SnapChat

UUUGGGGGHHHHHH. So the Ganja Girls SnapChat was just recently deleted for the SECOND TIME..

“How did you get deleted?! I didn’t even know SnapChat deleted accounts..”  Yup. If your account receives a large amount of views, you’re target for getting deleted. Two of the biggest reasons for SnapChat taking your account: Nudity/Implied Nudity & using 3rd party apps to access your SnapChat account (i.e. Apps that allow you to upload pictures & videos)

I had rebuilt our account back up to 95k views, so it was pretty damn devastating when we lost it again… But, I’m going to hop right back on the horse with a new game plan this time around. So let’s do this(: I now have my own personal HighestHeaven SnapChat, (got many requests to make one, so here you go ;*) And the GanjaGirls SnapChat is now GanjaGirlsTV  (:

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